This way Disguise More Body Fat So Skinny

Ladies, big is beautiful. Agency lists it just sexy. But, if the images look ‘overflow’, uugh … It pengen tutupin deh face disposable waste basket. If selfie heck, we may be able to edit at will and hides body flaws. But if photographed with other people, the obstacle really is not it?

This way Disguise More Body Fat So Skinny

Well, do not get confused and insecure. Because everything can diakalin really. Harumi Sudrajat of share tips on how to look thin. Not only in the camera, but also to the daily appearance.

Yup, the key is in the selection of lingerie and inner right. With spanx wear a full-body, you can really know newfangled wear clothes that show the body-con curves. Like annoyed with protruding fat in the back? It turns out a way to outsmart any easier, is to wear a bra-strap width ber that fat can be properly covered.

Well, have a body contains tricky, let alone to dress in order to look perfect, especially in front of the camera. But do not diminish the confidence you yes, Ladies. ‘We already know the trick;) Upgrade appearance yuk!

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